Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leghorn Chicken

Leghorn Chicken
The Leghorn  is a breed of chicken originating in Tuscany in central Italy. Birds were first exported to North America in 1828 from the port city of Livonia on the western coast of Tuscany. They were initially called "Italians", but by 1865 the breed was known as "Leghorn" the traditional Anglicization of "Livonia". The breed was first introduced to Britain from the United States in 1870.White Leghorns are commonly used as layer chickens in many countries of the world. Other Leghorn varieties are less common.The origins of the Leghorn are not clear; it appears to derive from light breeds originating in rural Tuscany. The name comes from Leghorn the traditional Anglicization of Livonia, the Tuscan port from which the first birds were exported to North America. The date of the first exports is variously reported as 1828"about 1830 and 1852. Initially called "Italians' they were first referred to as "leghorns" in Worcester Massachusetts.The breed was included in the American Standard of Perfection in 1874 with three colors black, white and brown . Rose comb light and dark brown were added in 1883, and rose comb white in 1886. Single comb buff and silver followed in 1894 and red, black-tailed red, and Colombian in 1929. In 1981 rose comb black buff silver and golden ducking were added.The breed was first introduced to Britain from the United States in 1870 and from there re-exported to Italy.White Leghorns that had won first prize at the 1868 New York show were imported to Britain in 1870 and brown Leghorns from 1872. Pyle Leghorns were first bred in Britain in the 1880 gold and silver ducklings originated there a few years later from crosses with Japanese Phoenix or Yokohama birds. Buff Leghorns were first seen in Denmark in 1885 and in England in 1888.


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