Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grey Banded King Snake

Grey Banded King Snake
The grey-banded king snake  sometimes referred to as the alternate, is a species of nonvenomous colubri snake. Some sources list two distinct subspecies of alternate, as L. a. alternate and L. a. Blair differentiated by patterning and locale but research has shown them to be the same.Grey-banded king snakes are moderately sized snakes can grow up to 4 ft in length, with the average being 3 ft. They have a relatively wide head  and have large eyes with round pupils.pupils. Alternate coloration and patterning vary greatly, but there are two main color morphs which were once considered separate subspecies: the "Blair's" which has wide red/orange banding, and the "alternate" which has thinner orange/red banding. Both are generally on a grey background with white and/or black accenting. There are many variations on this basic morphology found in the wild and captive bred, with some specimens even lacking orange or red banding entirely.


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