Monday, June 2, 2014



The tree-kangaroo is a marsupial from the family adapted for arboreal locomotion. They inhabit the tropical rain forests of New Guinea, far northeastern Queensland and some of the islands in the region. Most tree-kangaroos are considered threatened due to hunting and habitat destruction. The tree-kangaroo is the only true arboreal member of the kangaroo family Tree-kangaroos have several adaptations to an arboreal life-style. Compared to terrestrial kangaroos tree-kangaroos have shorter and broader hind feet with longer, curved nails.They also have a sponge-like grip on their paws and soles of their feet. Tree-kangaroos have a much larger and pendulous tail than terrestrial kangaroos giving them enhanced balance while moving about the trees. Like terrestrial kangaroos tree-kangaroos do not sweat to cool their bodies, rather they lick their forearms and allow the moisture to evaporate in an adaptive form of behavioural.

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