Thursday, February 6, 2014

Featherfin Squeaker Fish

Featherfin Squeaker Fish

The featherfin squeaker  or Featherfin Synodontis is a species of Synodontis catfish. This species is found in the basins of the White Nile, Volta and Niger Rivers and the Chad Basin. Also known simply as featherfin catfish. Featherfin squeakers are called such due to their ability to make noises to communicate with one another and also for their high feather-like fin which is valued by many hobbyists. Wild specimens can grow to a length of 30.0 centimetres  SL. These fish are usually kept singly in aquaria due to their territorial and aggressive nature when they reach maturity.Featherfin squeakers are very hardy and easy to care for, and are great additions to community tanks that house larger fish. Just like with any other bottom dwellers be sure not to overcrowd as this may result in territorial disputes. The addition of caves and branched driftwood will allow for more patrol surfaces and several featherfin can be housed together. As with any fish, the tank water should always be clean and at a balanced pH kh of 2–15 and a warm water temperature, around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. The absolute minimum tank size should be 30 gallons  with some large enough caves for the synodontis to hide in. Sometimes, like its cousin the Upside Down Catfish  it may turn upside down in order to get food. This will usually only happen when it is resting.

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