Saturday, February 15, 2014

Canada Warbler

Canada Warbler

The Canada Warbler  is a small 13 cm long songbird of the New World warbler family.These birds have yellow underparts, blue-grey upperparts and pink legs; they also have yellow eye-rings and thin, pointed bills. Adult males have black foreheads and black necklaces. Females and immatures have faint grey necklaces.They breed generally in dense secondary growth forests, red maple swamps or high elevation alpine forests. These forests may be located across Canada, east of the Rockies, and in the eastern United States. The nests which these birds build are shaped like open cups and are placed on the ground in a damp, heavily wooded location, generally characterized by a sphagnum hummock, tree stumps or other woody debris.These birds migrate to northern South America, and are very rare vagrants to Western Europe.

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