Monday, January 27, 2014

Pink Pigeon

Pink Pigeon
The Pink Pigeon endemic to Mauritius, and is now very rare. It is the only Mascarene pigeon that has not gone extinct.[2] It was on the brink of extinction in 1991 when only 10 individuals remained, but its numbers have increased due to the efforts of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust since 1977. The book Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons by Gerald Durrell refers to the conservation efforts. The  downlisted the species from critically endangered to endangered on the  Red List in 2006.Mauritius has a series of stamps depicting the endemic Pink Pigeon.An adult pigeon is about 32 centimetres from beak to tail and 350 grams in weight. Pink pigeons have pale pink plumage on their head, shoulders and underside, along with pink feet and pink beak. They have dark brown wings, and a broad, reddish-brown tail. They have dark brown eyes surrounded by a ring of red skin.Newly hatched pigeons have sparse, downy-white feathers and closed eyes


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