Friday, January 31, 2014

Eastern Green Mamba

Eastern Green Mamba
The Eastern green mamba  is a medium to large arboreal highly venomous snake of the family Dilapidated.The eastern green mamba is overall glossy green in color with a lighter bright greenish yellow belly. This is the smallest Mamba  species averaging only 1.4 meters  in length.The maximum size for this species is 2.4 meters but this is uncommon. Male eastern green mambas are generally slightly larger than females. The species has two enlarged venom fangs fixed to the front of the mouth and solid teeth in both jaws. It has very smooth scales is thin and elegant with a very distinctive head that is long and rectangular and they have a long thin tail. Their eyes are medium in size with round pupils. Dorsal scales are oblique smooth and narrow. Dorsal scale count usually 25. Eastern green mamba hatch lings have a yellowish green color.This species is indigenous to the east coast of southern Africa and occurs throughout much of eastern Africa. It is found near the coast stretching from eastern South Africa through to Mozambique Tanzania Swaziland and as far as south-east Kenya, going inland as far as southern Malawi and eastern Zimbabwe.
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