Thursday, January 23, 2014

Domestic Long Haired Cat

Domestic Long Haired Cat
A domestic long-haired cat  is a cat of mixed ancestry  thus not belonging to any particular recognised cat breed  possessing a coat of semi-long to long fur. Domestic long-haired cats should not be confused with the British Longhair, American Longhair, or other breeds with "Longhair" names, which are formal breeds recognised by various registries. Domestic long-haireds are the second most popular cat in the United States after the domestic short-haired one in ten of the ninety million cats in America is a domestic long-hair.Another generic term is long-haired house cat.
In the cat fancy, domestic long-haired cats cats may be classified with organisation-specific terminology, such as Domestic Longhair  House Cat Longhair  or Semi-Longhair Household Pet.Such a pseudo-breed is used for registry classification purposes, since while not commonly bred as  Show rules vary, and may permit "any eye colour, all coat colours and patterns any coat length or texture and any length of tail or may be more restrictive  are not recognized in any combinations.


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